Welcome to MARIBOFILA 2012


In 2012 Maribor, the second biggest city in Slovenia will be one of two European Capitals of Culture. That is why we have decided, and the idea has come from the oldest philatelic society in Slovenia, Philatelic Society Maribor, to organize a major philatelic exhibition in the framework of the 2012 cultural activities in Maribor.

The Slovene Philatelic Association is an active participant both in the Working Community Balkanfila and in the Working Community Alps-Adriatic Philately. Therefore, Maribofila 2012 will host both the Balkanfila and the Alps-Adriatic Philately philatelic exhibitions and will be a place where exhibitors and representatives of both philatelic associations will meet. Since the other European Capital of Culture in 2012 is the Portuguese town Guimarćes, and since we maintain a very good relationship with Portuguese philatelic federation, we have invited Portugal to participate in the exhibition as a special guest. Its presence will add also an Atlantic flavour to Mariborfila.

Due to different existing exhibition agreements within the Working groups, and also due to logistic and financial organizational problems, the exhibition with the name MARIBOFILA 2012 will be held in one venue, but will be divided into two exhibitions. The Alps-Adriatic Philately, traditionally a Rank II exhibition, will include all competitive classes and will be shown in 12 page frames. The Balkanfila will include only six competitive classes: Postal History, Thematic Philately, Youth Philately, Open Class, One Frame Class and Philatelic Literature Class. Balkanfila exhibits will be placed into 16 page frames. Exhibits from Portugal will be included in the Balkanfila part of Maribofila 2012.

The exhibition will be mainly organized, with strong support both from Post of Slovenia and Slovenian Philatelic Association, by the Philatelic Society in Maribor that has many organization skills, having organized some important exhibitions in the past, like National exhibition Fila'96 and the international exhibition Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006.

We are proud that with Maribofila 2012 we continue the traditional philatelic meetings among the Balkanfila ant the Alps-Adriatic Philately members. We will do our best to be a good host, and we are convinced that Maribofila 2012 will be a nice experience for all, so that you will remember Maribor and Slovenia for a long time.

Bojan Bračič
President of the Organizing Committee

Igor Pirc
President of the FZS

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