1. Name, Class (Rank), Place and Date

The Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006 Philatelic Exhibition is the 2nd Class (Rank) exhibition with international participation. Exhibition will be held at the Leon Štukelj Sport Centre in Maribor from 15 to 18 June 2006.

2. Organization

The Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006 is jointly organized by the Philatelic Society of Maribor, Slovenian Philatelic Association and Post of Slovenia.

3. Regulations
  • The Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006 Maribor will be governed by the following regulations:
  • The General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV)
  • The Special Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (SREVs)
  • The Provisional Regulations for the Open Class and the One Frame Class confirmed by FEPA and FIP Congresses in 2004
  • The Regulations for Philatelic Exhibitions in the Working Community Alpe-Adria Philately,
  • The Special regulations for the Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006 Maribor
4. Participants

Participation is open to all collectors who are members of Philatelic Associations (Societies) from regions affiliated to Alpe-Adria Philately and live in this area. Each collector can participate in competitive classes with only one exhibit which has been previously awarded a minimum of 65 points. Exhibits previously not shown at exhibitions must have qualification from the national Commissioner confirming their proper quality. Exhibits previously awarded with 85 or more points and exhibits which in the last five years have been awarded three times with 80 or more points cannot be shown in competitive classes.
Each exhibit entered in competition must be the property of the exhibitors and will be stated in the exhibition catalogue under his/her name. The exhibitor may exhibit using a pseudonym provided that his/her name and identity are known to the national commissioner and the Organizing Committee.

5. Entry Forms

Exhibitors shall submit their Entry Forms, which must be accompanied by an introductory page, directly to their respective National Commissioner. Entry Forms must be received Alpe- Jadran Fila 2006 Commissioner no later than 31 December 2005.

6. Acceptance and Participation Fee

Notification of acceptance of an exhibit and the number of frames allocated shall be sent via National Commissioners to each exhibitor by 28 February 2006 at the latest. The participation fee in competitive classes shall be 10 EUR per frame. Participation in Youth Class and all non-competitive classes is free of charge. The entry fee for literature class shall be 10 EUR per title.

7. Exhibition Classes and Classification of Exhibits

A Non-Competitive Classes (by special invitation only)
A1 Jury Class
A2 Official Class
A3 Other entries out of competition
B Competitive Classes
B1 Traditional philately
B2 Postal History
B3 Postal Stationery
B4 Aerophilately
B5 Astrophilately
B6 Thematic Philately
B7 Maximaphily
B8 Revenues
B9 Youth Class
A Collectors aged up to 15 years
B Collectors aged 16 to 18 years
C Collectors aged 19 to 21 years
B10 Open Class
B11 One frame Class
B12 Philatelic Literature

All exhibits must be entered under the correct classification. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reassign incorrectly or ambiguously described entries. No exhibit may be entered in more than one class. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason for rejection.

8. Frame Allocation

The display dimensions of the frames in competitive classes B1 to B 10 measuring 100 x 100 cm. Each frame has a capacity of twelve (12) album sheets mounted in three rows of four sheets. National Commissioner from every cooperative country disposes with 47 such frames. One frame exhibits will be shown in frames which hold sixteen (16) sheets (four rows of four sheets). National commissioner from every cooperative country disposes with 3 such frames. If a country will not be present at the Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006, or will not use all allocated frames, those frames will be put on disposal to other exhibitors.

National Commissioners shall allot to exhibitors the following frames:

Classes B1 to B 8 and B 10     4 - 7 frames
Class B 9                              2 - 5 frames
Class B 11                            1 frame
accommodating 16 sheets

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make exception to this allocation.

9. Exhibit Presentation

All exhibits must be mounted on white or light colored sheets no larger than 27 x 30 cm. An A4 format is acceptable. All sheets must be numbered continuously on each sheet and placed in a transparent protecting cover. The third dimension (thickness) of non-philatelic items in Open Class exhibits must not exceed 5 mm.
Entries in the Philatelic Literature Class must be sent in duplicate (each title or volume). These entries will not be returned. Exhibits can be accompanied by a text in any of Alpe-Adria Philately member’s languages.

10. Delivery and Return of Exhibits

All exhibits delivered by mail, other than literature exhibits, must reach the Organizing Committee no later than 10 May 2006. The delivery of exhibits by National Commissioner must be previously arranged with the Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006 Commissioner. In this case, exhibits must reach the Organizing Committee no later than 15 May 2006 at 14.00 hrs. The Philatelic Literature exhibits must be received by the Organizing Committee no later than 30 March 2006.
Exhibitors will pay the cost of delivering exhibits to the exhibition place. The cost for returning the exhibits will be paid by the Organizing Committee provided they are returned by post. National Commissioners will be able to collect their exhibits one hour after closing the exhibition. In such a case, the cost for returning exhibits will borne by exhibitors or their federations.

11. Insurance and Security

The Organizing Committee will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security and safety of all exhibits whilst they are in its possession. For the purposes of insurance, all exhibits must be received accompanied by the appointed Inventory Forms which will be previously sent to each exhibitor.

12. Award of Prizes

Prizes will be awarded by the International Jury appointed in accordance with The Regulations for Philatelic Exhibitions in Working Community Alpe-Adria Philately.
    The Jury can award the following prizes:
  • Diploma valid for gold medal for 80 to 100 points
  • Diploma valid for vermeil medal for 70 to 79 points
  • Diploma valid for silver medal for 60 to 69 points
  • Diploma valid for silver bronze medal for 55 to 59 points
  • Diploma valid for bronze medal for 45 to 54 points
  • Diploma for cooperation for less than 45 points.
The Alpe-Adria Grand Prix, will be awarded to the exhibit showing the spirit and work in the Alpe-Adria Philately in the best way.
    The Jury can also award the following prizes:
  • National Grand Prix for the best exhibit from Slovenia
  • Special Prize for the best exhibit in Youth Class
  • Special Prize following the decision of the donator.
Decisions of the Jury are final.

13. Changes of Regulations

The Organizing Committee of Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006 reserves the right to make changes in these Special Regulations, if necessary, in consultation with the Alpe-Adria Philately Coordinator for this exhibition. National Commissioners will be duly informed of any such changes.

14. Obligations and Rights of Exhibitors

By signing the entry form, the exhibitor accepts the provisions of all regulations listed in Article 3. Each exhibitor will be entitled to the one copy of the exhibition catalogue and the palmares.

Organizing Committee:
Filatelistično društvo Maribor
Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006 Maribor
p. p. 620
SI - 2001 Maribor

President of the Organizing Committee:
Bojan Bračič
Stantetova 6
SI - 2000 Maribor

Alpe Jadran Fila 2006 Maribor, Commissioner:
Milko Linec
Stantetova 22
SI - 2000 Maribor

Alpe-Adria Philately, Coordinator:
Denes Czirok
Pacsirta u. 9/1
HU - 8900 Zalaegerszeg